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Annual Leader Camps

We host an annual leaders camp for our elected school leaders

Sunday Church is no small affair, with almost the whole school at the service!

We compete with many of the surrounding schools in most of the popular sports like : rugby, soccer and netball

In this school of approximately 4500 students of which 2200 are in the hostels, there are activities such as:

- Rugby,

- Soccer,

- Netball,

- Chess,

- Athletics,

- Annual tours to Durban and Cape   Town,

- A Choir,

- Ballroom dancing,

- Drama,

- and our renowned Gum Boot   Dancers

Situated in Polokwane, Northern Academy is a school that has had a quiet rise to prominence.

With the school’s ethic ‘WORK TO ACHIEVE” it distinguishes itself from those around it.

This statement has become an echo through-out everything this school has set out to do.

Northern Academy received the ‘Best Independent Schools’ award in the Limpopo Province from 2003 to 2013.

This is not the only award brought home.

Major conquests have been achieved in academics, culture and sports as well.

Sport at Northern Academy

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2015 Registration

Please take note that Registration for 2015 will commence in July.